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Great pod

Loved interview style and approach to discussions. Great topics and guests as well, entrepreneurmust listen list.

Love these kinds of stories!

I love listening to the stories of people building cool stuff. It motivates me to keep working on my own projects!

Awesome podcast concept, executed amazingly!

If you’re in the indie hackers community or interested in early stage startups, I highly recommend this podcast. Zach is a great host and has an awesome concept for the podcast. Getting to hear people share experiences you can actually relate to is really cool. Check it out!

Great Podcast!

If you’re an Indiehacker trying to build your own business this is a great podcast to learn from other founders! Definitely give it a listen.

Gives me the same inspiration that My First Million does!

Loving this new show! It’s rare that a podcast focuses exclusively on early stage founders. Zach brings on guests who have between $500-$10k in MRR as opposed to folks who’ve already “made it.” As an indie hacker building her first business, this show has been a true source of inspiration (and a bit like therapy!!). I cant recommend it enough!

Great podcast

Really informative podcast. Great host and guests!

Need inspiration? Listen to this pod!

Most entrepreneur podcasts show someone who’s made it big already-something that doesn’t seem ‘real’ to most people. Hearing the stories on this podcast make you feel like you can actually do it and give actionable advice from real people who have. Awesome stuff!

Zach has an art for finding the coolest stories

Great podcast and really cool to see smaller founders before they make it. Zach does a great job of finding cool stories in his guests background!

Great topics guests

Zach is a great host with a knack for compelling questions. Great show!

Great podcast from the very first episode!

This pod is a great listen. Usually you listen to a podcast and think “wow this interview is cool but I have no idea how I’d even start replicating their success”. Not Zero to point One. Zero to point One is both really interesting, and much more approachable. Have no doubt this pod is going to be a big deal soon.